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Project ME! is a social project to share my personal struggles with anxiety, depression and anorexia. It starts with my story because it’s the only story I know. After spilling my guts on Facebook, I was surprised by the number of people who shared similar experiences. This isn’t just about me, this is your story too.

a woman again

Spring has sprung, even though Winnipeg doesn’t seem to know it yet. I was in the hospital for two months and I’ve gained 25lbs. My brain is freaking out!!! I’m scared to embrace this new body, but it would appear … Continue reading

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How to use Thought Records

In group, we use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to assess our thoughts by writing “thought records”. It’s kind of like a diary to determine whether your thoughts are disordered or objective. Continue reading

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In honour of Eating Disorder Awareness week, check out blogger Lex McDonald who is breaking the silence surrounding disordered eating by chronicling her “wunder years”. Lex also works with Vancouver grassroots resource and support network Project True, a non-profit organization.

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Getting Better in 2013

It’s been almost a year since my last post. I really wanted to blog more regularly in 2012, did not realize how hard it would be to talk while going through so many life changes. My eating disorder does not … Continue reading

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Captain Awkward to the Rescue!

This is rapidly becoming my favorite self-helpy type blog. They’re just amazing! Currently reading this one and thought it would be good here:

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The Bait

When I saw Sara’s note on Facebook announcing Project ME! I was at first shocked! It was very bold of her to take such a huge leap. There are others in my life who have lived in the stiffing silence of mental health issues, so I have some small idea of how difficult it must have been. Kudos to you who are true friends and stand by her. Don’t get too comfortable though. Sometimes the time when we are most needed is when it looks like things are “better now”. We’re sticking with you Sara! Continue reading

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Ewen’s Update

I miss Ewen so much, but he is doing very well. Everything is as it should be. I’ve heard that he’s been a perfect gentleman and relieved that he’s adjusting so well! Continue reading

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