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The Bait

When I saw Sara’s note on Facebook announcing Project ME! I was at first shocked! It was very bold of her to take such a huge leap. There are others in my life who have lived in the stiffing silence of mental health issues, so I have some small idea of how difficult it must have been. Kudos to you who are true friends and stand by her. Don’t get too comfortable though. Sometimes the time when we are most needed is when it looks like things are “better now”. We’re sticking with you Sara! Continue reading

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Why I decided to tell the world about my depression

When Sara first posted on Facebook about Project ME! and invited others to join her, I had to take a couple days before telling her I was in. I needed to think about it. Which is weird, if you consider I had an essay published in a national newspaper about my experience with depression. In that essay, I made some bold pronouncements about how those of us who came out on the other side must speak about our experience in order to help others. Continue reading

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